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Daniel Ungar
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Buying? Selling? Investing? We do it all.

Dannys natural ability to seemingly put anyone and everyone at ease translates into an unforgettable, successful home buying experience for his clients. With the assistance of this agent, the often times stressful home buying experience becomes, in contrary a thoroughly enjoyable, vibrant and fun venture.

Born and raised in Montgomery County, He specializes with first time home buyers. Having being in the real estate realm for over 10 years. He prides himself with the core value of honesty. He tells all his clients to be honest with him about there wants, needs and desires and puts the utmost effort to finding the dream home for every client that he has brought to the finish line.

When not assisting clients, Danny loves to play scrabble, crosswords, learn new languages, read enjoyable self-help motivational books that helps him grow every year as a successful agent.

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